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Friday, March 28, 2008

Nelly Furtado on Earth Hour (2008)

Nelly Furtado wants to share a great idea... turning off your lights for one hour on March 29th at 8PM. Make a statement about climate change and support Earth Hour.
Nelly will perform a free concert at Nathan Phillips Square on March 29 to celebrate Earth Hour!

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 7, 2008) - The partners of Toronto's Earth Hour - WWF-Canada, the City of Toronto, The Toronto Star and Virgin Mobile - today announced that multi-platinum Grammy and Juno Award-winner, and Canada's own, Nelly Furtado will join Earth Hour as the first Canadian Earth Hour Ambassador. She will also perform a free concert at Nathan Phillips Square on March 29 to celebrate Earth Hour.Nelly Furtado will join other Earth Hour Ambassadors including Cate Blanchett, Natalie Imbruglia, Silverchair and Rolf Harris.As an Earth Hour Ambassador and an advocate for the environment, NellyFurtado will play an unplugged concert at the Earth Hour community event, starting at 7:30 p.m. The organisers are taking steps to make the event as carbon-neutral as possible - including powering the event with green, renewable energy from Bullfrog Power. People from across the GTA are invited to attend.On March 29 at 8 p.m., cities around the world, including Toronto, will turn off their lights for Earth Hour to raise awareness about climate change - millions are expected to participate. Earth Hour is a WWF initiative that has grown from a single event in Sydney, Australia in 2007 to a global phenomenon that will occur across six continents and in more than 20 major cities this year. In the heart of Toronto, people gathered at Nathan Phillips Square will witness hundreds of buildings in the downtown core turn off their lights, including City Hall."The event has taken off not just in Toronto, but right across the country in more than 50 cities," said Mike Russill, President and CEO, WWF-Canada. "This is a clear signal that Canadians want to take steps in their every day lives to help the planet, and they want Canada to be a leader in the global effort on climate change.""I'm incredibly pleased that we are able to add some entertainment star power to our powered-down night under the stars," said Toronto Mayor David Miller. "The commitment of these performers to this tremendously important cause is terrific to see. Torontonians are signing up in droves to support Earth Hour, which confirms and supports our drive to be North America's greenest city."Millions will participate in Earth Hour and Canada is leading the way with more than 20,000 people and 1,000 businesses, in more than 50 cities, already signed-up at Toronto Hydro will measure the impact on the electricity grid during Earth Hour in Toronto, demonstrating the impact we can all make by doing our part to combat climate change."Fighting climate change is probably the biggest battle mankind has had to face so far," said Sir Richard Branson, Chairman of the Virgin Group of Companies. "Earth Hour is an important event that will continue to help raise the awareness of global warming and while governments and businesses have the responsibility to find a technological solution, we as individuals must do ourpart in the fight against climate change. I therefore encourage everyone across the world to switch off their lights from 8pm-9pm on March 29.""Global warming is the number one environmental concern of Canadians today," said Bob Hepburn, Director, Community Relations and Communications, Toronto Star. "We hope all businesses in Toronto will join us in participating in Earth Hour. It is a simple way for the Star - and for other corporate leaders - to show that we want to be part of the solution."For more information about Earth Hour visit

Earth Hour spokesperson Nelly Furtado poses for a photograph in Toronto, Monday, February 18, 2008. (Aaron Harris/Toronto Star)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

UR Magazine (Canada, 2006)

UR Magazine (Canada, 2006)
To nelly & back
Nelly Furtado’s star has exploded big time, igniting a supernova of fan love and media attention over the past few months. UR magazine’s music editor, Mary Dickie, caught up with her recently to talk about her new life.
Photography Thom Hamilton: Click Here

Reader’s Digest Magazine (Canada, 2007)

Reader’s Digest (Canada, January 2007)
Nelly Furtado – All Grown Up
By Line Abrahamian
Photography by Statia Molewski: Click Here

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Teen People Magazine (US, 2006)

Teen People Magazine (US, 2006)
4 Faces of Fall
Why be faithful to just one makeup style? “Promiscuous” songstress Nelly Furtado shows you how to shake things up with a quartet of hot looks.
By Lori Bergamotto
Photographs by Brian Bowen Smith: Click Here

Bailey Banks & Biddle (US, 2006)

Bailey Banks & Biddle (US, 2006)
Gold makes the moment with Nelly Furtado
Pics: Click Here

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spin Magazine (US, 2006)

Spin Magazine (US, 2006)
The Spin interview
Finally shaking off her Lilith Fair scarves, she’s slinking around like a hip-hop hottie. “I worked through all my little neuroses”, Nelly Furtado says. “Now I’m loose and free”.
By Ira Robbins

“I’ve trained my audience to expect anything” – Nelly Furtado
“I wanted to be an MC, but rap stars were black” – Nelly Furtado
“I’m a flawed human being. Why shouldn’t my album be a little flawed?” – Nelly Furtado
“I left home at 17 and had a child outside of marriage; I’m not traditional.” – Nelly Furtado

Loose Pics: Click Here

Nelly Furtado & Arthur Mendonça

Revista 24 horas (Portugal, 08.03.2008)
O estilista português de Nelly Furtado
Arthur Mendonça anda a vestir as celebridades norte-americanas e não só...
O talentoso estilista que veste a Nelly Furtado é um português residente no Canadá. Reportagem exclusiva com Arthur Mendoça, ele que é já um sucesso no mundo da moda de Nova Iorque.
Texto: Rita Marques (em Toronto, Canadá)

Notícias de Sábado (Portugal, 23 Março 2008)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Blender Magazine (US, July 2006)

Blender Magazine (US, July 2006)

“Free As A Bird”
Thursday, June 29th, 2006

For her new album, Canuck popstress Nelly Furtado downplayed her putumayo hippie vibe, hung out with Paris Hilton in Miami and learnt the value of a good booty-shake.

When you broke in 2000 with “I’m Like a Bird,” you were a funky boho chick, kind of an anti-Britney. Now you’re releasing your third album, and you’ve turned into a midriff-baring sex bomb. What happened?
I made the new album in Miami and I felt really sexy there. Miami accepts booty! Plus, when I came into the business, I was really intimidated by all those girls who had been on the Mickey Mouse Club when they were kids. I’m just now catching up, accepting my job more. My video choreographer taught me how to move in all these different ways. I’m more at ease with my body than I have ever been.

Is your booty your best asset?
Physically speaking, yes. I like it. It’s good. It’s nice to have something to hold on to. It’s just coming out of the woodwork, though, so it’s still shy. It doesn’t want too much spotlight.

Your first record, Whoa, Nelly!, sold 2 million copies; your second one, 2003’s Folklore, sold one-quarter of that. did you worry that you were washed up at 24?
I was talking to Jimmy Iovine, the boss at my new label, and he thinks that Folklore is like U2’s Pop — not quite there. I wasn’t smiling and jumping up and down anymore; I was wearing a guitar and looked serious. Four or five songs have Portuguese folk music. That’s just crazy. After Folklore, I realised I had maybe taken certain things for granted. Like, isn’t everyone’s first performance on SNL? Isn’t everyone’s first interview with Vanity Fair? Doesn’t everyone open for U2 and win a Grammy? Whoops! I should have appreciated all that stuff, especially the free clothes.

How do you feel now when you hear “I’m Like a Bird”?
I’ve heard it sung at karaoke or by cover bands, and it was awesome — I was like, wow, I’ve got one of those songs. Somebody once called it a “hairbrush song,” one that girls and guys sing in front of the mirror with their hairbrush. I just think I’m lucky I have it — it’s paying the bills!

Your flirty new single with Timbaland is called “Promiscuous.” Would you describe yourself as such?
No, although I did go through a phase when my first album came out, and I was meeting all these cool people. I’d get their phone numbers and call them. But I don’t do that anymore.

Do you usually make the first move?
I do. I’m aggressive. But now, I actually have a boyfriend. A secret boyfriend. Of eight months.

Why is he a secret?
I just don’t really talk about it. It’s nobody famous or anything.

You have a 2-year-old daughter named Nevis. Who’s her babydaddy?
Jasper. DJ Lil’ Jaz. He’s a DJ-turntablist-slash-keyboard-player-slash-producer. We broke up a year ago and were together for four years, friends for like five or six years before that. We’re fully active co-parents and really close friends, so things are irie.

Why didn’t you two ever get married? Are you not the marrying kind?
I’m kind of modern. I don’t really live by society’s standards. Maybe in the next five years I’ll get married, have more kids. One grandmother had eight kids, the other had 10. If I have that many kids, then I would need a hubby.

You’re 27, which is the age of gruesome premature rock deaths: Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison. Why do you think 27 is such a killer?
I think the rock & roll lifestyle affords you a motorway to midlife crisis, which comes 10 to 20 years earlier than it normally would. You’re dealing with the increased neurosis of becoming an adult and you’ve got to deal with your inner demons in front of everyone.

How do you exorcise your demons?
Listening to heavy, heavy rock music like System of a Down and Death From Above 1979. I love the rhythms and the loud vocals and guitars.

Is noise rock your biggest vice?
I also use these homeopathic healing oils called Bach Flower Remedies.

With a syringe, at least?
I just spray them under my tongue.

How are you stereotypically Canadian?
I’m politically correct and very nice. Canadians are known for their niceness.

Are you more hippie or hood at heart?
Hippie. I had a home birth with midwives. I’m into spirituality and reading about different religions, even Wicca. I went through a feminist phase and read a lot of philosophical stuff. Some of the male-bashing brainwashed me for a bit so I stopped. I love men!

What about the hood part?
I know how to fit in. When I was making my record with Timbaland in Miami, people would show up with briefcases of cash and say to Tim, “Give me a beat.”

Who else showed up in Miami?
Paris Hilton. [Producer] Scott Storch brought her around to meet me. She’s sweet. Girl-next-door type of vibe.

Are you looking forward to Paris’s album?
Yeah, for sure. I’ve heard it was good. She’s an underdog and I like underdogs. In secondary school I was friends with all the underdogs. I had my cool friends, too, but I liked to be friends with the people that nobody liked. When I met Paris, I told her, “Good luck, and you’re innocent till proven guilty in the music business.”

By Victoria de Silverio
Photography by Michael Williams: Click Here

Friday, March 21, 2008

Movie Entertainment Magazine (US, December 2006)

Movie Entertainment Magazine (US, December 2006)
Nelly Furtado – ME’s Loose Cannon
By John MacFarlane

“I remember really bonding with the first-generation kids, the Chinese-Canadian kids, and in high school bonding with the Latin kids and the East Indian kids. It was very interesting because it made me open to lots of musical sounds” – Nelly Furtado

Photograph by Ondrea Barbe: Click Here
Photography by Roberto D’este: Click Here

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Movie Entertainment Magazine (US, Dec 2006)

Movie Entertainment Magazine (US, Dec 2006)
Spotlight – Nelly Furtado
The “promiscuous” singer rebounds with a sexy new sound.
By Margeaux Watson
Photograph by Ondrea Barbe: Click Here

“Now I’m in a place where I’m just entirely myself. I think it’s infectious, and very seductive.” – Nelly Furtado
“To me, Nelly’s like Pat Benatar or Fleetwood Mac. She’s timeless and can do different kinds of styles.” – Timbaland

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rap-Up Magazine (US, 2006)

Rap-Up Magazine (US, 2006)

Release Therapy

Back in her hometown of Toronto, Nelly Furtado is enjoying a day og R&B. Having just returned from the spa where she was treated to a pedicure, facial, and massage (“There’s nothing I enjoy more”), Nelly looks picture perfect in an olive green t-shirt, white ribbed sweatshirt, and black fitted, straight leg jeans. “I try to look beautiful all the time”, she says.
If there’s one thing that hasn’t been expressed enough about the “I’m Like A Bird” singer, it’s her love for hip-hop. When her creative juices were running out, Nelly turned to the music she felt most comfortable with in order to create what is her most electrifying album to date. After a two-and-a-half year hiatus, the Portuguese diva is back with Loose, a hip-hop driven album that reunites her with producer extraordinaire Timbaland. Inspired by her daughter Nevis, the record is a departure from her previous work (2003’s Folklore and 2000’s Whoa, Nelly!) with club friendly beats and simple, fun lyrics.
Rap-Up played therapist to Nelly as she let loose on topics ranging from Three 6 Mafia’s Oscar win to dressing up as TLC to her dream tour lineup. Get ready for some electro-compulsive therapy.

By Devin Lazerine
Loose Pics: Click Here

Interview Magazine (US, August 2006)

Interview Magazine (US, August 2006)
Nelly Furtado with a new album that’s full of eclectic, electric surprises, the woman who many had earmarked for one-hit wonderdom finds herself revisiting a place where few ever expected her to return: the pop charts.
By Nellie McKay
Photographs by Ben Watts: Click Here

Monday, March 17, 2008

dish DStv Guide (South Africa, November 2006)

dish DStv Guide (South Africa, November 2006)
It’s showtime with Nelly Furtado
Loose Pics: Click Here
Mark Abrahams Photoshoot: Click Here

Bravo Magazine (Deutschland, 2007)

Bravo Magazine (Deutschland, 11 July 2007)
Nelly Furtado
Text: Sascha Wernicke
Photography by Chris Baldwin: Click Here
Photography by Meeno Peluce: Click Here

Groove Magazine (Sweden, 2006)

Groove Magazine (Sweden, 2006)
Nelly Furtado
By Mats Almegard
Photography Mitsuaki koshizuka: Click Here
Loose Pics: Click Here

Marnr Cosmo Magazine (Russian, 2007)

Marnr Cosmo (Russian, March 2007)
Nelly Furtado
Pics Click Here

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Elle Magazine (Mexico, 2007)

Elle Magazine (Mexico, 2007)
Nelly Furtado – Modela para Elle
Hip Hop ¡Hurra!
Su visita a Mexico, durante la pasada entrega de los premios MTV, fue la oportunidad perfecta para tener a Nelly en nuestras manos, aunque todavía nos preguntamos si mãs bien fue ella, con su serenidad, belleza y sencillez, quien se apoderõ de nosotros.
Por Cristina Rey

OK! Magazine (Mexico, 2006)

OK! Magazine (Mexico, 3 October 2006)
Nelly Furtado – “Conmigo es ¡todo o nada!”
Nos reunimos con la hermosa canadiense para descubrir lo que ha hecho en tres años de ausencia.
Entrevista: Rob Chilton
Loose Pics: Click Here
Chris Baldwin Photoshoot: Click Here

Saturday, March 15, 2008

StarStyle Magazine (Netherlands, April 2007)

StarStyle (Netherlands, April 2007)
Whoa, Nelly! – Waar sommige vrouwen na de geboorte van hun eerste kind veranderen in een braaf huisvrouwtje, gooide Nelly Furtado het over een andere boeg: Nelly werd sexy!
Photography Allan Fis: Click Here

Hitkrant Magazine (Nederlands, 2007)

Hitkrant (Nederlands, March 2007)
Nelly was here!
Amsterdam Heineken Music Hall: Pics Click Here

Hitkrant (Nederlands, 9 June 2007)
Loose Pics: Click Here

Friday, March 14, 2008

Intro Magazine (Germany, July 2006)

Intro Magazine (Germany, July 2006)
Nelly Furtado meet your local Producer friends: Timbaland und Mathew Jonson
Text: Heiko Behr/Thomas Venker

Maxim Magazine (Germany, 10/2007)

Maxim Magazine (Germany, 10/2007)
Nelly Furtado – Die Heisse Pop-Lady Sexy wie nie!
Text: Mustafa Ucar
Fotos: Michael Williams: Click Here

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Choc Magazine (France, 2007)

Choc Magazine (France, 2007)
Nelly Furtado Retour gagnant!
Le single “I’m like a bird” l’a révélée... le titre “Promiscuous” l’a consacrée. Entre ces deux tubes, Nelly Furtado a complètement changé de registre. Un virage à 180 degrés qui lui a permis de toucher un public plus large. Résultat, son nouvel album est un carton et sa carrière s’envole!
Photography by Roberto D’Este: Click Here

FHM Magazine (France, 2006)

FHM Magazine (France, 2006)
Nelly Furtado – A 28 ans, la Canadienne n’a jamais été aussi hot. Elle chante même être une mangeuse d’hommes... Miam!
By Antoine Verglas
Photography by Roberto D’este: Click Here

Public Magazine (France, 2006-2007)

Public Magazine (November 2006)
Nelly Furtado – Elle nous avait bien caché sa fille!
Elle a vendu plus de dix millions d’album dans le monde, mais le secret de son bonheur, c’est Nevis, sa fille de 3 ans.

Public Magazine (July 2007)
Nelly Furtado – Elle se marie!
À 28 ans, la star de la pop vient de se fiancer avec son ingénieur du son. Un nouveau papa pour sa fille Nevis.

Public Magazine (France, March 2007)

Public Magazine (France, 5 March 2007)
Spécial Fesses
Les + glam – Nelly Furtado – So sexy!
“Comme tout le monde, il m’arrive de complexer devant mon miroir, mais jamais sur mes fesses que j’adore.”

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Daily Record (UK, 2006)

Daily Record (UK, August 25, 2006)
Hot on your Nelly – Furtado ditches folky image for a sexy look, sassy sound and steamy moves.. with a little help from top producer Timbaland.
By Rick Fulton

“This album is really sexually assertive. I am a woman and i love to have sex” – Nelly Furtado
“I am definitely not encouraging promiscuity. What I am is a musically promiscuous girl” – Nelly Furtado

Loose Pics: Click Here

Daily Star (UK, 2006)

Daily Star (UK, May 30, 2006)
Not on your Nelly, by Kim Dawson

“I’m so excited, this album thrills me” – Nelly Furtado

Loose Pics: Click Here

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Magazine (2006)

Magazine (2006)
“Maneater” Nelly Furtado

Yam! Magazine (Germany, 2006)

Yam! Magazine (Germany, 2006)
Interview: Steffen Rueth
Photography by Roberto D’Este: Click Here

London Careers Magazine (UK, July 2006)

London Careers Magazine (10-16 July 2006)
Loose Woman
The singer Nelly Furtado used to talk earnestly about artistic credibility. Now she’s more concerned with letting “the sexiness just pour out”” she tells Alexia Loundras
Loose Pics: Click Here

The Independent (UK, 4 July 2006)

The Independent (UK, 4 July 2006)
Loose Woman – The singer Nelly Furtado used to talk earnestly about artistic credibility. Now she’s more concerned with letting “the sexiness just pour out”, she tells Alexia Loundras
Loose Pics: Click Here

Monday, March 10, 2008

Cosmopolitan Magazine (Italia, June 2007)

Cosmopolitan Magazine (Italia, June 2007)
Nelly Furtado – “Le Scelte di cuore mi tengono in forma”
By Merle Ginsberg
Photoshoot Cosmopolitan Magazine: Click Here

Cosmopolitan Magazine (Estonia, April 2007)

Cosmopolitan Magazine (Estonia, April 2007)
Folgitibist Nelly Furtadost on paari aastaga saanud rebav sekspomm, kes naudib täiel rinnal emadust, naiselikkust ja muusikat.
By Merle Ginsberg
Photoshoot Cosmopolitan Magazine: Click Here

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cosmopolitan Magazine (Portugal, Maio 2007)

Cosmopolitan Magazine (Portugal, Maio 2007)
Nelly Furtado – De empregada de hotel a cantora de sucesso
No seu terceiro álbum, Loose, a cantora surge mais sensual e divertida que nunca. Descubra quais as razões que levaram a esta mudança de 180 graus.
Por Merle Ginsberg
Photoshoot Cosmopolitan Magazine: Click Here

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Jornal Diário de Noticias (Portugal, 2008)

Jornal Diário de Noticias (17 Fevereiro 2008)

Nelly Furtado | Vina del Mar International Song Festival on February 23, 2008 in Vina del Mar ,Chile

Revista Super Pop (Portugal, Março 2008)

Revista Bravo (Portugal, Fevereiro 2008)

Revista Bravo (Portugal, Fevereiro 2008)

Dia de São Valentim - Nelly Furtado

Friday, March 7, 2008

Nelly Furtado | Nelly Furtado Pregnant?

Revista Flash! (20.02.2008) e Revista Tv Mais (20.02.2008)

Revista Tv 7 dias (Fev 2008)

Nelly Furtado Pregnant?

'Promiscuous' singer Nelly Furtado is rumoured to be pregnant with her second child. Furtado, who has a four-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, is apparently expecting a baby to her fiance Demacio Castellon, but is trying to keep it secret.
A source told a US magazine: "She's not very far along yet, so she's trying to keep the pregnancy under wraps.
"Reps for the singer have apparently denied the rumour, but nothing has yet been confirmed.

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