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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hello! Magazine (Canada, 2006)

Hello! Magazine (Canada, 23 October 2006)

Exclusive photos and interview – Nelly Furtado
Pop music’s yummiest mummy opens up about: her daughter; embracing her heritage; her fearless confidence; finding powerful role models
"I'm new, better and improved," Nelly Furtado tells Hello! magazine in an exclusive interview and photo shoot in Toronto.The Grammy-winning sensation and pop music's yummiest mummy opens up about her daughter, embracing her heritage, her new found fearless confidence and finding powerful role models. The sexy songstress graces the cover of Hello! hitting news stands nationally starting today.
Highlights from the interview:
- On dancing in impossibly big stilettos: "I used to admire Beyoncé because she could dance in those high-heeled shoes. She could do stairs and everything! I thought, how does she do that?... I learnt how to walk in them and haven't looked back since."
- On what Nevis, her three year-old daughter, thinks of her glamorous mother: "We've developed quite a separation between work and home. She knows when I put the makeup on that it's time for work."
- On how becoming a mother changed her: "Overall, I felt like more of a woman and more in my body. That's another reason I'm so much more confident now. As a parent, you become more assertive."
- On role models: "Everything I am is due to the fact that I had strong female role models in my life. Obviously, my great grandmother is at the root of all that.... She was a toughie, that's for sure."
- On her home: "That's why I live in Toronto, which is a truly unique multicultural city. I want to raise Nevis in a culturally diverse environment and expose her to everything."

“Acting has taught me how to play roles and jump into a character. Some days, if I’m doing a lot of Tv interviews, I play different characters in each one.”
“The moment I gave birth I felt I could write the most beautiful poem in the world because I felt so connected to the world. All of a sudden, I knew the secret.”

Report: Nicholas Jennings
Hello Magazine Photoshoot: Click Here


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