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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Self Magazine (US, September 2007)

Self Magazine (US, September 2007)

Whether it’s mastering a martial art or just conquering technology (hello, digital camera!), singer Nelly Furtado knows that stretching your brain expands your horizons.
By Erin Bried

Water wish
As a kid, Furtado played in the ocean off Portugal, “But now, waves scare me a little. Learning to surf would help me remember how fearless I was as a child”, she says.

An open mind
“I like to spend time with people with differing beliefs”, Furtado says. “My wish would be that everyone in the world could live in another place for a week, then take their experience back home.”

Cooking Lesson
“I’ve got a long way to go in the kitchen”, Furtado says. But she has mastered chocolate chip cookies. “I make them so I can eat a bit of dough. Or a lot of it!”

New Moves
Furtado first tried capoeira nine years ago. “It really tends to my soul. The songs are full of joy”, she says. Here, she shows off her moves with expert Mestre Boneco.

Bionic Nelly

You know how there are those people in the world who always seem to get a lot accomplished before 8 A.M.? They run 5 miles, do work, walk the dog, bake a cake, whatever. Well, before Nelly showed up on set for the SELF photo shoot at 8 A.M., she shot an entire music video. Talk about a productive day! She was up at 1 A.M. in hair and makeup. By sunrise, she was wading into the ice-cold Pacific Ocean, wearing nothing but a sundress, and singing. By the time we got to this shot at the end of the day, Nelly was totally punchy—and her giggles were contagious. Below (from left): Anne, the photographer; Nelly; and Lida, the stylist.

Still, despite the exhaustion, Nelly was a total pro. She mustered enough energy to take a capoeira lesson. It's a Brazilian martial art. Mestre Boneco, of Capoeira Brasil in Los Angeles, came out to this seaside cliff to teach Nelly a few moves. He brought his three sons—(shown here, from left) Felipe, 14, Bruno, 20, and Rodrigo, 15—and a female student, Morena.

Nelly watched them practice for a little while and then joined in herself. Here's a hilarious outtake from her lesson; she kicked when Mestre Boneco wasn't quite prepared. Ouch! (The camera guy you see walk through the frame is from CNN. After our shoot, she did an interview with them.) —E.B.

Nelly's new fiancé

A big congrats to Nelly Furtado, who recently got engaged to sound engineer Demo Castellon. Demo's been called "the universe's most anonymous man" by at least one blogger, but I got the full scoop when I met him at our shoot with Nelly back in May.
Here's what I learned:
—He lives in Miami.—He was reading The Art of War, which, he told me, is the book to read if you're in the music industry right now. (It's about ancient military strategy.) Hmmm.—He works (and sometimes tours) with Justin Timberlake, Timbaland and Missy Elliott.—He mixed "Give It To Me," featuring Nelly, Justin and Timbaland.
Besides that, all I can tell you is that he makes Nelly laugh like crazy. In fact, our photographer, Anne Menke asked him to stand behind the camera while she took pictures (I got a snap of that, below), because Nelly lit up when he was around. Best of luck to them both! —E.B.



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