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Monday, September 1, 2008

Cd Whoa, Nelly! Special Edition (2008)

Audio Cd (2008)

2008 Special Limited Edition 2-disc set comprising of a 12-track CD album plus 5-track BONUS CD featuring rare recordings and remixes

Track Listing:
CD Album 1
1. Hey, Man!
2. ... On The Radio (Remember The Days)
3. Baby Girl
4. Legend
5. I'm Like A Bird
6. Turn Off The Light
7. Trynna Finda Way
8. Party
9. Well, Well
10. My Love Grows Deeper, Part 1
11. I Will Make U Cry
12. Scared Of You
CD Album 2
1. I'm Like A Bird (Acoustic)
2. My Love Will Grows Deeper (non LP Version)
3. I Feel You (Feat. Esthero)
4. I'm A Bird (Nelly vs Asha Remix)
5. ...On The Radio (Dan The Automator Remix)


That's what I also got! :D

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