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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cd Loose Spanish Special Edition (2007)

Audio Cd (2007)

2007 Spanish exclusive 18-track CD album, includes the hits 'Maneater' and 'Promiscuous', plus bonus rare recordings in spanish

Track Listing:
1. Afraid
2. Maneater
3. Promiscuous
4. Glow
5. Showtime
6. No Hay Igual
7. Te Busque
8. Say It Right
9. Do It
10. In God's Hands
11. Wait For You
12. Somebody To Love
13. All Good Things (Come To An End)
Bonus Track:
14. Te Busque (Spanish version)
15. Lo Bueno Siempre Tiene Un Final (Spanish version of 'All Good Things')
16. En Las Manos De Dios (Spanish version of 'In God's Hands')
17. Dar (Spanish version of 'Try')
18. No Hay Igual (duet with Calle 13)


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