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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Elle Canada Magazine (Canada, July 2010)

Canadian All-Star
Passionate and patriotic, Nelly Furtado is Canada's number one fan
By Elio Lannacci
Photography by Max Abadian

"I think I'm a person who needs to be constantly entertained. I have my own form of attention deficit disorder", she says via phone from Puerto Rico, hours before stepping onto the red carpet for the Billboard Latin Music Awards. "I'm always needing new information", she insist. "I like keeping my brain occupied at all times."

"I've never really had that commerce chip in my brain", she explains. "I don't understand when somebody says, 'Hey, this is good for the market so you, should do it.' What does that mean exactly? I feel like my market is in my heart."

"Lady Gaga is keeping pop music alive", she says in admiration. "She's raised the bar so much - including how much thought you put into the presentation of music and how interesting a video can be. That's what keeps the gears going in the music business. Could you imagine what it would be like without her now?"

"Recently I have been doing my own photo shoots, where I arrange my own in-house art direction so I can explore my vision... I've always wanted to extend my boundaries and I've never been on who likes doing things because they are trendy," she says, reflecting on her past four studio albums.

"Music is a great equalizer for me. It's my secret lock and key into the world. I always find that no matter what happens in life, I've always got this little secret code. People are interested in emotion more than ever. When [musicians] can paint a picture and give us a lyric that opens up a new emotional world, we crave that as humans - and that will never go away. That's why everyone is so magnetically drawn towards Taylor Swift - she can write a good lyric. I think my fans are also craving messages right now."

"I have a song that is inspired by Tiger Woods saga, too," Furtado reveals. "It's called 'The Edge' and it's about being pushed too far in a relationship. It's when you've taken a lot, you've given a lot, you've loved a lot and you've forgiven a lot, but then you reach a point where you don't want to be patient, friendly or maintain your cool anymore."

Another recently leaked track called 'Free' (a dance-club anthem) is a throwback to Furtado's early days. "I feel like I've come full circle with it. I started off in the dance scene when I was an independent artist, so recording it was natural for me," she says, adding that she's also recorded additional songs with Tiësto. "I believe dance music can be emotional. If you watch [Tiësto] play live, tears will come to your eyes because the music moves you."

"She's full of life and has a very stronge will," Furtado proudly says of her daughter. "She's got cool musical tastes too - the other day she corrected me and said, 'I knew about MGMT before you!'"

"I think Canada's track record is pretty awesome right now and it's only going to get better. We so need a cool, big music festival here - I think people would come from all over the world to see the Canadian goods," she says. "Canada has so much talent that it blows my mind - that's why I live here."

"I really like [Canadian designers] Greta Constantine's new collection," she says. "What they do is so cool and world class. I'm wearing this copper faux-leather dress with cut outs in it for the Latin Billboard Awards."

"There is an openness to exploration in Canada - we have a nonpartisan feel to our approach to life. That really helps because onde you're open, the sky's the limit."

Issue: July 2010
Who: Nelly Furtado
Photo: Max Abadian

Nelly Furtado is wearing a dress by Dolce & Gabbana; necklaces by Cathy B Jewelry and Jennifer Behr; bracelets (left to right) by Forever 21, Rita Tesolin, Designs by Christina C, Cathy B Jewelry and Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection; rings by Lia Sophia and Nelly’s own.

To get a look like Nelly’s try: Féline Eyeliner HD, $17. Duo Havana Bronze Evolution Mineralize Bronzing Powder, $35. Lip Kiss Crayon Gloss in Tender Pink, $18. All makeup, Lise Watier.

Hair and makeup, Colleen Creighton, Kramer+Kramer; fashion director, Elizabeth Cabral; art director, Tanya Watt.

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Max Abadian Photoshoot 2010

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