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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cd Single Promo "I'm Like A Bird" (Germany, 2000)

2000 German 1-track promotional CD featuring the album version.

Track Listing:
1. Album Version

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cd Single Promo Turn Off The Light (Brazil, 2001)

2001 Brazilian 8-track mix promotional CD including bonus track: I'm Like A Bird - Junior Earth Anthem, picture sleeve with lyrics printed inside and 'Tema da novela As Filhas Da Mae' logo on the front mentioning that this was used in the Brazilian soup opera!

1.Turn Off The Light - Radio Edit
2.Turn Off The Light - Sunshine Reggae Mix
3.Turn Off The Light - Remix - featuring MS. Jade & Timbaland
4.Turn Off The Light - Richard Vission Astromatic Mix
5.Turn Off The Light - Dataluxe Mix
6.Turn Off The Light - Decibel's After Midnight Mix
7.Turn Off The Light - Album Acapella
8.I'm Like A Bird - Junior Earth Anthem

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cd Single Turn Off The Light (Germany, 2001)

2001 German 4-track enhanced CD including Reggae Mix Version, I'm Like A Bird Acoustic Version and CD-Rom Underground video.

Track Listing:
1. Turn Off The Light (Radio Edit)
2. Turn Off The LIght (Sunshine Reggae Mix)
3. I'm Like A Bird (Acoustic)
4. Turn Off The Light (Underground Video)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cd Promo Do It/All Good Things (UK, 2007)

2007 UK Cd Promotional 8 Tracks Do It/All Good Things.

1. Do It [Radio Edit]
2. Do It [feat. Missy Elliot]
3. All Good Things [Dave Aude Mixshow]
4. All Good Things [Kaskade Remix]
5. All Good Things [Dave Aude Audacious Dub]
6. All Good Things [Kaskade Dub]
7. All Good Things [Dave Aude Edit]
8. All Good Things [Kaskade Radio Edit]

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