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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Nelly Furtado | The Magazine (Canada, 2001)

10 Questions for Nelly Furtado
Who is your favourite Simpson character?
I have to admit that I relate the most to Lisa, because she played in her high school band, just like me, although I played trombone, and she plays sax. Lisa has some of the same characteristics that I had in high school.
We noticed a pretty phat drum’n’bass break in on your LP… is it a stylistic influence?
I have been involved in street and urban sounds and culture since I was a young fourteen-year-old watching DJ’s spin records. I had a trip-hop group named Nelstar when I was seventeen… I’ve done house tracks, ambient stuff, rare groove improve, drum and bass, and I’ve even written rhymes. I intend to learn how to be a turntablist next, we will see. Basically, I am obsessed with drum machines, samplers and synthesizers, but I love traditional instruments too!
What’s your most embarrassing moment?
When, at age four, while rehearsing for a Portugal Day celebration, I, along with the Portuguese school choir, peed my pants and let it create a big puddle around my feet! I was in the front row! I waited until the end of the song to run to the washroom. Can you guess what the song was about? Rainfall!
Do you have a nickname?
A lot of my friends call me “Nel”, but my alias is “Nelstar” and a lot of my friends call me that too, especially musical ones.

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