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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Nelly Furtado | Songwriters Magazine (Canada, 2006)

Nelly Furtado | On The…. Loose
“Tim and I hooked up and we were just going to do four songs”, Furtado reveals. “We ended up doing ten songs because we had so much fun and we were on the same page. I had already recorded about 20 or 30 tracks before I hooked up with Tim. Then when I started with Tim, it felt so magical and so unique that I just kept with it”
“The first day we started jamming with a bunch of people in the room, the music was real loud – plus-11 I call it – and we were burning this intense vibe, almost like a voodoo energy. “
“Then we smelled smoke and a flame shot out of the speaker because the volume was so loud it had burnt the rubber!” she laughs. “We’d never seen anything like it. It felt significant.”
“I wrote the chorus to ‘Afraid’ in my hotel room and the verses in the studio,” says Furtado. “It’s about that inner thing where we always want to be the person receiving the standing ovation from the crowd, but our inner fear prevents us from going for it”
“’Afraid’ reminds me of that 14-year-old teenager in the hallway of my high school by my locker. I was always concerned about what the people thought about me, being self-conscious, something that every young person goes through.”


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