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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cd Single Morning After Dark Timbaland ft. Nelly Furtado & Soshy (2009)

Audio Cd (2009)

2009 US 2-track promotional CD includes the Main Version & Chew Fu 2016 B-Boy Fix Remix.

Track Listing:
1. Morning After Dark
2. Morning After Dark (Chew Fu 2016 B-Boy Fix Remix)

Cd Single Jump Florida ft. Nelly Furtado (2009)

Audio Cd (2009)

2009 UK 1-track CD single - Taken from his 'R.O.O.T.S' album, 'Jump', featuring Nelly Furtado appears on the soundtrack to Jerry Bruckheimer's'G-Force'.

Track Listing:
1. Jump - Album Version

Cd Single Broken Strings James Morrison ft. Nelly Furtado (2008)

Audio Cd 2008

2008 UK 2-track CD single - The 2nd single to be taken from the album 'Songs For You, Truths For Me', 'Broken Strings' finds James pairing up with Nelly Furtado for this awesome, belter of a duet that's sure to have commuters singing at the top of their lungs in cars across the country shortly; and includes the b-side recording 'Say It All Over Again'.

Track Listing
1. Broken Strings
2. Say It All Over Again

Nelly Furtado | Portuguese Press kit (Feb 2010)

Revista Tv Mais (Fev. 2010)

Revista Tv Mais e Revista Vip (Fev. 2010)

Revista Flash (Fev. 2010)

Revista Noticias Tv (Fev 2010)

Jornal Diário de Noticias

Friday, February 5, 2010

Newspaper Optimus/Blitz (Portugal, Fevereiro 2010)

Poster Nelly Furtado

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