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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cd Single Spirit Indestructible (Germany, 2012)

2012 Germany 2-track CD Single "Spirit Indestructible" includes the Radio Edit and an acoustic version

Track Listing:
1. Radio Edit
2. Acoustic

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cd Single Promo I'm Like A Bird (Mexico, 2000)

2000 Mexico 1-track promotional cd

Track Listing:
1. I'm Like A Bird

Cd Promotional Best Of Nelly Furtado – Hey, Man! (2002)

2002 USA 14-track Promotional Cd Best Of Nelly Furtado - Hey, Man!  

Track Listing:
1. Hey, Man! [Single Version]
2. Shit On The Radio (Remember the days) [Remix]
3. Turn Off The Light [Sunshine Remix]
4. Get Your Freak On (with Missy Elliott) [Remix]
5. Party [Syndicate Mix]
6. Turn Off The Light [Jungle mix]
7. Baby Girl [Live Version]
8. One Minute Man (with Missy Elliott & Ludacris) [Lost Remix]
9. The Harder They Come (with Tricky)
10. I'm Like A Bird [Junior Vasquez Remix]
11. Turn Off The Light [Remix]
12. Hey, Man! [Live Version]
13. Well, Well
14. Shit On The Radio [Single Version]

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