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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rap-Up Magazine (US, 2006)

Rap-Up Magazine (US, 2006)

Release Therapy

Back in her hometown of Toronto, Nelly Furtado is enjoying a day og R&B. Having just returned from the spa where she was treated to a pedicure, facial, and massage (“There’s nothing I enjoy more”), Nelly looks picture perfect in an olive green t-shirt, white ribbed sweatshirt, and black fitted, straight leg jeans. “I try to look beautiful all the time”, she says.
If there’s one thing that hasn’t been expressed enough about the “I’m Like A Bird” singer, it’s her love for hip-hop. When her creative juices were running out, Nelly turned to the music she felt most comfortable with in order to create what is her most electrifying album to date. After a two-and-a-half year hiatus, the Portuguese diva is back with Loose, a hip-hop driven album that reunites her with producer extraordinaire Timbaland. Inspired by her daughter Nevis, the record is a departure from her previous work (2003’s Folklore and 2000’s Whoa, Nelly!) with club friendly beats and simple, fun lyrics.
Rap-Up played therapist to Nelly as she let loose on topics ranging from Three 6 Mafia’s Oscar win to dressing up as TLC to her dream tour lineup. Get ready for some electro-compulsive therapy.

By Devin Lazerine
Loose Pics: Click Here


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