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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nelly Furtado Loose Tour Merchandise - '07 Loose Tour T-shirt

2007 Get Loose Tour - Official merchandise T-shirt available on the 2007 Get Loose world tour, with the Nelly Furtado logo and picture on the front, and the tour title & a list of dates & cities on the tour on the back.

Get Loose Tour

The Get Loose Tour was Nelly Furtado's 2007-2008 concert tour, in support of her 2006 album "Loose". Although the tour was her third overall, it was the first time her shows included production on a grand scale. Get Loose visited both European and North American continents.

After Loose garnered respectable sales and attention, Nelly Furtado announced a tour of Europe and Canada. Nelly stated:

“ For the last eight years I’ve never really traveled with a full production of lights, visuals and dancers – and this tour I’ve got all of it. I’ve spent eight years building my musicality so that now I can rely on that, but then I also have a great backup up there with all the production, which is a treat for me. ”

Get Loose was indeed a production by Nelly Furtado standards. The set consisted of a white stage, a multi-leveled band setup with LCD screens, two parallel multi-story white palm trees, a large LED screen, and a white stage curtain.

“ The show is inspired by Miami. There’s palm trees on the set, white palm trees and a white stage, and it’s got a little bit of drama to it. I think the show’s a little more sensual or sophisticated, but I keep the primary focus on the songs. ”

Furtado was backed by four dancers and her six-piece band, including Toronto rapper Saukrates on percussion who also fills in for Loose producer Timbaland on some of the tracks from Loose.

The Get Loose Tour started in Europe with 23 shows over five weeks. The Canadian leg began shortly afterward in Victoria, B.C. (Nelly's Birth town) where the mayor proclaimed March 21 as Nelly Furtado Day. After the first leg was completed plans were announced for Nelly to visit the United States.

The Second Leg in the United States consisted of a more budget production. The LED screen was replaced by a light-up Disco Ball, The white curtains were replaced by a large LED sheet, and most notably the palm trees vanished. Nelly also wore her hair differently for these shows and changed her costumes.

The Third leg consisted of a number of open air festivals during the summer season in Europe. Costumes for this leg of the tour were provided by a famous French designer.


1. "Afraid"
2. "Say It Right"
3. "Turn off the Light" (Remix)
4. "Powerless (Say What You Want)"
5. "Do It"
6. Wait for You"
7. "Showtime"
8. "Crazy" // "Sozinha" (Portugal Show)
9. "In God's Hands" // "Tudo o Que Eu Te Dou" (Portugal Show)
10. "Try"
11. "All Good Things (Come to an End)"
12. "SexyBack" (Cover performed by Jasmine)
13. "Give it to Me"
14. "I'm like a Bird" (Remix)
15. "Glow" (with excerpt from Heart of Glass)
16. "Força"
17. "Promiscuous"
18. "Party"
19. "No Hay Igual"
20. "Maneater"

1. "I'm like a Bird"
2. "Turn off the Light" (Remix)
3. "Powerless (Say What You Want)"
4. "One-Trick Pony"
5. "Do It"
6. "Wait for You"
7. "In God's Hands" / "Try" // "Explode"
8. "Say It Right" (with excerpt from Smells Like Teen Spirit)
9. "Give It To Me" (with excerpt from Give It 2 Me)
10. "Glow" (with excerpt from Heart of Glass)
11. "Promiscuous"
12. "Somebody to Love" (Acoustic)
13. "No Hay Igual"
14. "Maneater" (Remix)
15. "All Good Things (Come to an End)" (with excerpt from What's Up?)


February 16 2007 Manchester, United Kingdom
February 17 2007 Glasgow, United Kingdom
February 18 2007 Nottingham, United Kingdom
February 20 2007 Birmingham, United Kingdom
February 21 2007 London, United Kingdom
February 24 2007 Paris, France
February 25 2007 Düsseldorf, Germany
February 26 2007 Brussels, Belgium
February 28 2007 Milan, Italy
March 3 2007 Winterthur, Switzerland
March 5 2007 Stuttgart, Germany
March 6 2007 Munich, Germany
March 7 2007 Vienna, Austria
March 8 2007 Leipzig, Germany
March 10 2007 Frankfurt, Germany
March 11 2007 Hamburg, Germany
March 12 2007 Berlin, Germany
March 13 2007 Amsterdam, Netherlands
March 15 2007 Amsterdam, Netherlands
March 16 2007 Copenhagen, Denmark
March 17 2007 Stockholm, Sweden

North America
March 21 2007 Victoria, Canada
March 22 2007 Vancouver, Canada
March 23 2007 Kelowna, Canada
March 25 2007 Grande Prairie, Canada
March 26 2007 Edmonton, Canada
March 27 2007 Calgary, Canada
April 4 2007 Toronto, Canada
April 5 2007 Montreal, Canada
April 6 2007 Ottawa, Canada
May 30 2007 Hollywood, FL, United States
May 31 2007 Orlando, FL, United States
June 1 2007 Atlanta, GA, United States
June 3 2007 Portsmouth, VA, United States
June 4 2007 Sayerville, NJ, United States
June 5 2007 Boston, MA, United States
June 7 2007 New York, NY, United States
June 8 2007 Fairfax, VA, United States
June 9 2007 Cleveland, OH, United States
June 11 2007 Detroit, MI, United States
June 12 2007 Rosemont, IL, United States
June 13 2007 St. Paul, MN, United States
June 15 2007 Denver, CO, United States
June 17 2007 Grand Prairie, TX, United States
June 19 2007 Phoenix, AZ, United States
June 20 2007 Los Angeles, CA, United States
June 21 2007 Oakland, CA, United States
June 23 2007 Las Vegas, NV, United States

July 27 2007 Albufeira, Portugal
July 28 2007 Cantanhede, Portugal

Europe (Open-Air)
July 4 2008 Amsterdam, Netherlands
July 6 2008 Bucharest, Romania
July 8 2008 Munich, Germany
July 9 2008 Wiesbaden, Germany
July 10 2008 Dresden, Germany
July 11/12 2008 Poznan, Poland
July 13 2008 Moscow, Russia
July 15 2008 Kiev, Ukraine


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