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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Whoa, Nelly! Cassette (Thailand Edition 2002)

Cassette Whoa, Nelly! (Thailand Edition 2002)

Track Listing:
1. Hey, Man!
2. ...On The Radio
3. Baby Girl
4. Legend
5. I'm Like A Bird
6. Turn Off The Light
7. Tryanna Finda Way
8. Party
9. Well, Well
10. My Love Grows - Deeper Part 1
11. I Will Make You Cry
12. Scared of You
13. Onde Estas

Bonus Tracks:
1. I'm Like Bird (Acoustic)
2. I'm Like A Bird (Nelly Vs. Asha) Remix
3. Turn Off The Light (Yogie's Sunshine Reggae Mix)
4. ...On The Radio (Remember The Day) - A Dan The Automator Remix


just like that cassete from video on youtube. but that was whole "Whoa, Nelly!"
It's awsome. Nelly everywhere! :)

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