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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Nelly Furtado's Playboy Offer (2007)

The folk fairy-turned-raunch-bucket tells MTV all about it...
Nelly Furtado has revealed to MTV that she was once offered megabucks to pose for 'Playboy' magazine.
And although the singer turned it down - she says she still wouldn't rule it out.
"I (was) offered half a million dollars to pose fully clothed," she said. "(To do it would be a) vanity thing, an egotistical thing…It’s not to say that I would never do it. It’s intriguing, it’s very tempting. It’s got to be under the right terms. We will see what happens."
The 'Maneater' minx also revealed she's feeling at the peak of her sexiness these days.
The 28-year-old chanteuse said, "For me, I am a late bloomer. I have grown into my sexuality. Not with a false sexuality as a 20 year old.
"My videos are real expressive and I get to channel a lot of energies. Including sensual energy. I’m pretty satisfied.
"When I look back from ‘I’m Like A Bird’ to now with this third album, it’s really fascinating for me... I was youthful and innocent."
But she's not about to start parading around in barely-there togs either.
"If you wanted to be naked everyday as a pop star, you could be naked everyday," she said.
"There are people that would love you to be naked every day. But myself, I would like to save a little bit for the bedroom. It’s something to be preserved a little bit for myself."
Go girl...

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«Estou a pensar no assunto [posar nua para a Playboy]. A coisa toda é intrigante, mas não gosto de me mostrar nua.» (Nelly falando sobre uma poposta de meio milhão de dólares, para pousar nua para a Playboy)


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